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Welcome to Blue Butterfly Tarot by Kim Allen

Spirit Guide Indian

Psychic Tarot Readings with Mediumship, Spirit Guide artwork, Spiritual Healings, Aura Sprays &  Counselling/Psychotherapy services by Kim Allen

Through my own learning & life experiences I have come to realise how the use of both Counselling & Therapy and the insights provided  through various Psychic Readings and Healings can assist a person to resolve personal and relationship problems, grief and anxiety. A person can free themselves by releasing outdated thoughts and beliefs; reconnect with themselves and others and gain a true sense of belonging and greater happiness and wholesness, peace and healing.  

It is as a result of this that I have created “Blue Butterfly Tarot” - Providing Spirtual Healing and Clarity of Mind - This can be achieved through the following – either individually or as a combination.

Psychic Readings, including tarot, psychometry, mediumship & channelling are wonderful tools that can open up our awareness into our drives, psyche and state of being. From this new awareness a person can make informed choices and decisions about their life; receive confirmation of their thoughts & feelings & also find peace.& psychotherapy are wonderful ways to get in touch with different aspects of who you are. These facilitate growth and expansion through an understanding of our thoughts, feelings & actions & from this enables us to understand & address life’s challenges. Counselling creates a safe space for positive change and growth. Counselling with TA (Transactional Analysis) uses a theory of personality to provide an understanding of human behaviour. It offers a simple framework to improve interpersonal communication and can help us to understand why we do what we do. The benefits of counselling can be enhanced communication skills, conflict resolution, understanding relationships with ourselves and others; goal setting; dealing with stress and grief issues. 

Spiritual Healings - A service offered by a group of healers, including myself at Unley Spiritualist Association WWW.NASM.ORG.AU , on Fridays or in the Adelaide Hills by Appointment, - Relax and enjoy a 25 minute Energy Based Hands on Healing.  Fully clothed and on a massage table allow this peaceful hands on healing to balance your energetic fields, clear and balance your chakras and provide a safe space for deep relaxation.  Healing the Mind Body and Spirit.