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If mediumship is of special interest to you then you may want to provide a photo of the loved one you want to connect with.  Mediumship is  included in a Tarot Reading and it could be any known relative, friend or pet in spirit that comes through, sometimes the person you want to hear from does not come through, a photo in this instance may help. The benefit of mediumship reading is that you are receiving a message from a loved one in spirit which can be very healing when it comes to the grieving process. 

Quite often  the person or pet that comes through has a loving heart connection and want s to be acknowledged and wants to give advice or evidence to prove that life continues after death, other times the person in spirit comes through at a particular time because there is a deeper meaning to convey which  supports  the clients spiritual journey. 

Mediumship differs from tarot because the spirit world connects to the channel (myself) on a certain vibrational frequency .  Once the  connection to the spirit is strengthened the information that comes through is  with words, feelings, thoughts and symbolic images and sometimes even smells that have relevance.

Please give advance notice if you would like Mediumship only for the full 30 minutes without Tarot. $65.00 for half hour reading.

 30 min Reading