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Essential OilsFounded by Naturopath, Christian Burkhardt, in 2002, SOE BIOCOSMETIC, SOE BIOTHERAPIES and SOE BIOREMEDIES

Unique Soe bioremedies for  Physical and Emotional Well being with Liquid MineralsLiquid Minerals are a vibrational infusion of the most potent healing properties of minerals, crystals and gems.  Prepared through customised consideration of magnetic fields, frequencies of light and sound, and planetary rhythms.  All matter is in a constant state of vibration and all molecules are in a constant system of harmonics and resonance with each other.

This resonance generates electromagnetic and electrical fields.
Minerals are stable, have a fixed state of vibration and are able to resist any assault on thier vibrational frequency.Liquid Minerals heal by transferring their stable vibration into the body, permeating down to the molecular level.  They seek out areas in your body that resonate with their own vibration, bringing into balance Body, Mind and Spirit.
WHAT IS IN LIQUID MINERALS PRODUCT?* Magnetised Aqua*Unique Carrier Oils*Herbal Extracts*Liquid Minerals*Essential Oils

Top Sellers,

Amethyst Stability and Grounding 20ml
Herkimer Diamond Relationships and Happiness 20ml
19.95 Each

Sleep Assistant 20ml
Emergency 20ml 
Communication 20ml 
25.95 Each

Azeztulite Change and Empowerment 20ml 
Motivation 20ml
Silhouette(Weight Management) 20ml

27.95 Each

Emerald Growth and Strength 20ml 
Sapphire Blue Responsibility and Leadership 20ml 

22.95 Each

Flint Self Worth and Self Acceptance 20ml


Womens Balance 20ml